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Funeral Urns

Selecting the funeral urn (also known as coffin) may be one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make during a funeral planning.
Urns are often the most expensive item in the entire funeral process. Prices vary greatly as they depend on materials used, resources and applied labor.
Different styles or colors, they can have a variety of characteristics.
At our funeral home the price is secondary.
We are only interested in your options, and we are only here to help and suggest if that is your decision.
It is not a right value for your budget, it is an appropriate value for this painful time.

Our urns are solid wood.

As for features and details they are settled and include:
Interior coatings that are resistant to adversity such as velvet, linen, among others, with a wide range of colors.
Cremation Urns: If you are one of several family members who plan to keep a portion of the ashes, we provide special urns and special souvenirs that are designed to store ashes. There are many different models of urns that are the perfect reminder of your loved one.